• Noris Velazquez

Vanilla Extract, how to make your own

About a year ago I was shopping for vanilla extract and was shocked at the sticker price for what was available at the supermarket. I figured for that kind of money, I could make something spectacular!

I learned a lot about the different types of vanilla beans along with process of making my own extract from

How I made my extract:

I bought 6 Madagascar vanilla beans and a bottle of Rum, poured out a shot to make room, then added the beans after slicing into them lengthwise. That's it! Now we wait... months.

After a month the rum began getting darker and floral. Then after 3 months the color and aroma was rich with vanilla goodness and had a smoother taste.

Now it's over a year old and I continue to add more beans and rum, age it, and continue to use as needed. Enjoy!


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