Sourdough Starter from a Plum (part 1)

Mother nature is amazing! When making your own sourdough starter using a Plum, we are taking the wild yeast culture that lives on the Plum's skin and in essence; multiplying them using the juice (nature's sugar water) from the plum and at the same time nurturing the beneficial bacteria (Lactobacillus) that is hopefully on the wheat itself and the surroundings. In time, we want both the Plum's wild yeast and the Lacto bacteria to form a symbiotic relationship to coexist in peace and harmony as they help one another breakdown the sugars in flour which they'll consume to live and in turn, provide our bread a strong rise and fluffy, chewy texture with great flavor! Hope you enjoy the video and subscribe; as I rely on your help to spread the word- Blessings!

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