Sourdough Pizza Crust- without the hard work

Customers have been asking for my sourdough pizza since I first started selling sourdough and I've tried various ways to make this happen but its never quite worked out. The biggest challenge was teaching people how to make pizza dough out of my special flour blend; assuming they had a sourdough starter ready to use because store-bought yeast doesn't cut it. I also tried freezing raw dough that was already shaped, but that created it's own sticky mess when thawing out. Solution- ready to use par baked pizza crust! This way, I can ensure the quality of ingredients and it's process to perfection! So now when I or my family wants pizza, I've got it ready to go and so can you!

These are 100% hand crafted sourdough pizza crusts that feature my blend of freshly milled organic non-gmo wheat and specialty flours, Italian heirloom starter culture, filtered water and Pink Himalayan sea salt. Lots of time and skilled effort goes into making these, hope you enjoy- Buon Appetito!

2 qty- pizza crusts per package, freshly baked and sealed in a zip lock freezer bag for immediate use or to freeze until needed.

Simply place on parchment paper or baking pan, add your toppings and bake at 475°F for about fifteen minutes or until browned to your preference. Crusts can also be stored in the refrigerator or freezer until needed, if frozen, thaw out for 30minutes while prepping toppings and preheating oven, enjoy!

Ingredients: Fermented Wheat Flour (sourdough starter), freshly milled organic Red wheat, Durum wheat (Semolina flour), Filtered Water, Organic house-smoked California garlic, & Himalayan Sea Salt

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