Sourdough not rising??? Recipe and Baking tips for success

In this video I show you how to make a sourdough bread loaf that only takes about 15 minutes of actual work to make. This way you can make fresh bread in the evening before bedtime allowing it to rise while you sleep and bake it first thing in the morning. I did this for many years and loved having fresh bread for breakfast 😁 Usually I only use active sourdough starters for my bread recipes; that is a sourdough starter that's been fed consistently on a daily basis once a day or every every 12 hours for at least a week. But sometimes I would miss a feeding and think all was lost and I would have to wait again for the next day. Not so, even if a sourdough starter hasn't been fed in the last 24 hours, you can use it with good results, which you will see in the video; as I use a sourdough starter that has not been fed for 48 hours so you can see potential issues that arise and tips on how to overcome them and still make a loaf of bread that you and the family will love! Enjoy

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