Whether we are making yogurt, kefir or bread, our goal here is to enrich our lives with something better.

When our baby was transitioning from mama's milk to regular food, we began buying Greek style yogurt because of its health benefits and live probiotics. Then, we began learning about culturing foods at the Kung Fu school we belong to here in San Diego. Infused with curiosity, I researched how to make yogurt at home and found heirloom varieties which are super easy to make! It was fresher, I controlled the ingredients, and more affordable; especially for the quality! In fact, I now culture my own buttermilk that we use for my sweet sourdough breads; a must try!

If you'd like to check out what you can culture at home, one of my favorite sources for purchasing starter cultures are from Cultures for Health, they have wonderful videos and recipes to help guide your through the process. Enjoy!

Cultures from left to right: Pomegranate kefir soda, water kefir, milk kefir, buttermilk, sourdough starter, and kefir fermented scotch bonnet hot sauce.

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