Grilled Smoked Turkey recipe

Every time I make this recipe it's a hit! It even works cooked in a regular oven in a pinch so try it out. You can also use it to make chicken as well and it's even easier because they are easier to handle and thinner bones means easier to cut through.

  1. Remove the back bone of your turkey or chicken. I recommend using poultry shear but I've also used a sharp chef knife or cleaver with success; just more effort and trickery to handle.

  2. Place your bird chest up and spread out the ribs as much as you can so when you press on it's chest like if your giving it CPR chest compression, it will flatten out easier for you.

  3. At this point it's time to season it. I keep it simple with a generous rub down of olive oil, followed by salt, pepper, garlic powder and what ever fresh herbs I have on hand: thyme and rosemary are usually growing all season long in my garden.

  4. Your call weather you'd like to separate the skin on the breast meat to season underneath the skin. I find it works great at producing moist yummy tasting breast meat. Just make a herb paste with your seasoning and olive oil then spoon it in.

  5. Lastly, I let it rest for 30min or longer on the counter before it goes on the grill; as it cooks more evenly. Cold meat straight out the fridge cooks uneven and takes longer; drying out parts or making it rubbery.

  6. Lastly, I insert a thermometer into the breast so once it hits 165°F, I remove it from the grill/oven and let it rest for 20minutes so to let the juices redistribute into the meat and it won't spill out as much when cut into it. Bake it at 350°F on a baking pan lined with foil (for easy clean up) and on a bed of celery and fresh herbs.

  7. Enjoy!😁

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